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What The Millionaire Wants...What The Millionaire Wants...
January 2008
Silhouette Desire #1846
ISBN: 0-373-76846-X


It was the ultimate gamble. Laura Spencer had bet herself against tycoon Jackson Hawk's plan to take over her New Orleans hotel. If she failed to raise fifteen million dollars within thirty days, Laura would soon find herself at Jack's mercy. And in his arms.

But had the businessman agreed to the wager because he wanted Laura? Or because if he won, Jack knew no one else would have her?

The millionaire wanted her for his own, and what this millionaire wants...

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The Rags-to-Riches WifeThe Rags-to-Riches Wife
Secret Lives of Society Wives miniseries
May 2006
Silhouette Desire #1725
ISBN: 0-373-76725-0

Blackmailed into marriage...

He hadn't known the name of the woman he danced with at the masquerade ball. Not even after their one night of passion. For millionaire Jack Cartwright never expected to see her again.

Then he received a letter informing him of his "secret" lover's name and threatening to expose the fact that working-class Lilly Miller was expecting Jack's child. He was not going to submit to blackmail. And if that meant marrying Lilly, a virtual stranger...let the wedding bells ring.

Secret Lives of Society Wives Some scandals even money can't hide.

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Black SilkBlack Silk
March 2006
MIRA Books
ISBN: 0-778-32281-5

The victim was young, lovely and seduced by the wrong man...

Mere hours before her wedding the fiancee of real estate mogul JP Stratton is found strangled in her penthouse. New Orleans homicide detective Charlotte "Charlie" Le Blanc views the crime scene, finding a black silk stocking draped casually beside the body?a chilling calling card from the killer.

The dramatic clue leads Charlie to a world of privilege and wealth, and before long she singles out a suspect whose identity creates a furor in the city: Cole Stratton, JP's estranged son. But what she doesn't know is that Cole has been set up, and while she sets out to prove his guilt a real killer is on the loose?a man who now has Charlie in his sights, a man with yet another black silk stocking.

"Readers who relish romantic thrillers about serial killers, such as Nora Roberts' Carolina Moon (2000), will get goose bumps from this one, too." —Booklist

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November 2004
MIRA Books
ISBN: 0-778-32096-0

She wants justice.

Washington television reporter Tess Abbott is the best in the business, always getting the story and the truth. When she receives an anonymous tip about a prison murder in her home state of Mississippi during a heated race for governor, Tess jumps at the chance to cover the race and uncover the truth.

He wants vengeance.

Newspaper reporter Spencer Reed is on the verge of uncovering a political scandal that could make his career—and the secrets in Tess Abbott's past hold the key. Despite the rivalry and adrenaline, focusing on the story becomes difficult when Tess receives another call that leaves her reeling.

The unsettling message stirs her memory, bringing back childhood nightmares—nightmares of murder. When a local man turns up dead—with personal information about Tess in his possession—the two journalists quickly realize there is a sinister connection between Tess's past and the election.

A killer wants them both dead.

As the pieces to the puzzle fall into place, a killer is primed to finish a job he started so long ago—a killer who will stop at nothing to bury the story . . . and them.

". . .a fast-paced, evocative and page-turning read!" —Carly Philips, New York Times bestselling author

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Flash PointFlash Point
November 2003
MIRA Books
ISBN: 1-55166-714-2

She had a killer in focus...

Is a picture worth a thousand words...

New York photographer Kelly Santos hides behind her camera and her talent, safe where no one can know about her tragic past...or the visions that haunt her

.....when it exposes a deadly truth?

Now, the past is reaching out to her, calling her back to her native New Orleans, to the mystery of her birth, to the hidden danger that waits. Almost from the moment Kelly returns, she is plagued by visions of murder. Only no one believes her—until a man turns up dead and Kelly becomes the prime suspect. Seeking the help of homicide detective Jack Callaghan, she sets out to prove her innocence.

But Kelly's quest for answers is leading them both on a treacherous path to the truth, to the heart of a sinister secret-and a killer who wants the past to stay buried . . . a killer who is prepared to finish a grim and deadly task begun many years ago. Soon past, present, and future will collide in an explosive, shattering...

"Hingle is a very talented storyteller, skillfully combining a number of interesting subplots that heighten the tension--almost unbearably at times. Be prepared to want to finish this story in one sitting." —Romantic Times

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The Marriage ProfileThe Marriage Profile
April 2003
ISBN 0-373-61362-8

Embittered lawman Justin Wainwright

Divorced--and plans to stay that way

A late-night tryst could be his ultimate undoing.

Mayhem was at an all-time high in Mission Creek when Justin Wainwright joined forces with his ex-wife to track down an abducted baby. The by-the-book sheriff scoffed at the psychic mumbo jumbo that had turned Angela Mason into a star profiler, but he'd do anything to crack this case. However, that didn't mean Justin was going to be blinded by his bewitching former bride--especially when he had reason to believe she had ties to the mob. Nevertheless, Angela's dangerous pursuits were making her a target for murder . . . and this Wainwright would walk through a spray of bullets in the name of love!

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Behind the Mask Behind the Mask
December 2002
MIRA Books
ISBN: 1-55166-926-9

"I'll pay you one million dollars to find my wife and son."

Ex-cop turned bounty hunter Michael Sullivan doesn't think any woman is worth that kind of money, but a job is a job.

All he has to do is make the phone call...

Just drop in the quarter and tell his client he's earned his money. Lily Webster and her son are in New Orleans, where she's working as a waitress. One phone call and he can collect a cool million bucks...and forget the beautiful woman who seems to be hiding something.

Too late, he realizes he's made a mistake...

Only after he's made the call does he begin to realize what he's done. In the blink of an eye Michael Sullivan becomes Lily's only chance for survival. Now all he has to do is convince her to trust him. But why would she put her life—and the life of her son—in the hands of the man who

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The WagerThe Wager
August 2001
Mira Books

The Princess — New Orleans's most luxurious hotel. Sixty years ago, ownership of the hotel was lost to the powerful Jardine family in a wager that cost its matriarch her greatest love. Now, in a daring bid to keep the hotel, her legacy and her family together, she's made a new wager, betting everything on a granddaughter she's never met.


After her mother's tragic death, Laura Harte learns her life has been a lie. All she has left are questions. Why did her mother hide the truth from her? Why had her powerful father denied her? The answers can only be found in New Orleans — with a grandmother she never knew existed ... and a man she isn't sure she can trust.

Hotel magnate Josh Logan owns some of the world's finest hotels--but not the one he wants most: The Princess. He'll stop at nothing to reclaim his grandfather's legacy. Even if it means winning the heart of the young woman to whom The Princess rightfully belongs.


But as the secrets and sins of the past unravel, Laura and Josh find themselves in a dangerous game where no risk is too great and falling in love is not an option.

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